3 Keys To Living A Great Story

Hey You,

Living a great story truly is possible and I want to share with you 3 keys to doing so. These are 3 keys that have helped me reach and accomplish my goals and ultimately write a life story that I loving living.

Wouldn’t you say you want to live a great story? Wouldn’t it be amazing if people said about you “wow,_____ was truly an amazing person”.

So how do we live a great story?

I rarely ever recommend movies, mostly because the majorities aren’t any good. But I happened to watch an extremely inspirational movie that I highly recommend called, Hidden Figures.

The movie tells the true story of 3 African American women working for NASA in the 1960s. I cried several times in the movie; truly in awe of these women’s amazing Spirit to press on through racism and adversity.

I was so deeply touched and moved by their stories and it really made me ponder a great and many things.

Did these women realize that they were world changers at the time? Did they realize that their stories and actions would change American history for African Americans and women in America and possibly beyond? Did they plan to live a great story? Or possibly is it that they lived in such a way that they couldn’t help living a great story?

You see, I believe 100% that you and I can live with such intent, following certain principles that we can’t help but live a great story! All our stories will be different, not one the same. But all will have the same value in the eyes of God.

So here are 3 keys to living a great story!

1. Believe that you are important.

You won’t ever EVER walk in what God has for you unless you see and believe that your life actually has meaning. You aren’t a bump on a log! If you struggle with feeling like you have importance please mediate on Ephesians chapters 1 and 2 until your mind and heart understand that you are important to God and this life!

2. Believe you were made for something specific.

Here’s where you begin to let God fill your heart with what He has made you for. You have a specific task in life. Seriously, listen to me… This is such a key to living a great story! You may be called to visit nursing homes, start a mom’s Bible study or start a multi-million dollar business. All of these are different, yet all important. Because all of them touch lives! Including your own!!!

When you start doing what God has put in your heart it makes you feel good about yourself and useful, it boosts your self esteem and confidence! So don’t just think you are some average Joe, you have a calling in this life!

3. Do NOT be a quitter.

It’s easy to quit. You just quit. Ha, it takes determination and perseverance to live a great story! Really and truly… You could be a stay at home mom and it might be easier at times to just quit parenting and let your kids be total brats! Trust me I know firsthand. Some kids can push and push and push and yea, push!

Sometimes you just want to forget about the way they are acting and lock yourself in the bedroom! But raising a bratty, selfish child is not living a great story. Raising selfless, caring and compassionate children is a tremendous feat. It takes determination and perseverance. It also is living a great story that speaks volumes about who you are and gives a incredible gift to the world!

So, I hope you truly see that you are called to live a great story! It’s your story and it’s waiting to be written. Who knows what generation will speak about you when your time is gone. But I know that if you believe you are truly important, believe you’re made for something specific and don’t quit, then your story truly will be great!

I always love to hear your thoughts and comments so please feel free to leave them below. 

Love from Africa, Rachel Griffith xoxo


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8 thoughts on “3 Keys To Living A Great Story

    1. Thanks Jena! I’m so blessed to be able to share the things that have helped and blessed my life with you!!
      Rachel G xoxo

  1. Rachel!
    Could not have heard this at a better time. As a working Mom with a child in flux it takes everything inside to remember who I am, why I’m here and stick to my guns. Kids can push so hard or quit. Me too! In finding this quit place of firm confidence (after crawling out of that locked bedroom) I am here to tell you, sticking with me and him is working – the almighty Him and the boy – both of course. They are beautiful mirrors.
    Asanti Sana, Leah

    1. Leah,

      I am so happy to read this! You are an amazing women with an amazing family and so much greatness ahead of you! I know God has you in His loving hands and good things lay ahead!!

      Rachel G xoxo

  2. This —-> “Ha, it takes determination and perseverance to live a great story!” We’ve all experienced not having the patience to persevere as many of us, myself included, have caved to the instant gratification syndrome and quit too early when things didn’t happen in the time we thought it would take. Your blog is a great reminder to study the course and enjoy the ride. Blessings.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for the great comment! You are exactly right about quitting early when we don’t see things happen in the time we expected. But I know if God has spoken something to our hearts and we don’t quit we will see great things come to pass; we just have to stay the course. I know you got big things in your heart brother and I can’t wait to see it all come to pass!

      Rachel G

  3. Love it. The points are all good, but the third point really spoke to me. It is critical to fulfilling God’s plan for your life. Good article and good read Rachel

    1. Richard,

      So blessed you enjoyed it and it spoke to you! I know and believe you and I are going fulfill all God has spoken to us! No quitting only success!

      Blessings, Rachel

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