4 keys to amazing success in the New Year

I want to share with you 4 keys to kick off your New Year in the best direction and keep it headed that way!

So, another year has come and gone. The New Year always seems to bring forth emotions, memories and feelings. When you look back over last year, what do you feel when you think about 2016? Joy, happiness, discouragement or maybe even depression? Everyone has different feelings when reflecting.

Personally for me when I look back over 2016, I have to say overall it was a really great year. Our family flourished! The kids are in a great private school here in Africa that they love!  School for our children is one of the biggest blessings for us!

It also was a year of stretching and growth in areas. There were times of discomfort for me in stepping out to do what I felt God was speaking to me (like writing this blog for instance). So 2016 was challenging and exciting all at the same time!

Now, stepping into a new year God has spoken even more to my heart! Yikes, I’m slightly nervous and really excited. Looking at all the things I want to accomplish can almost be overwhelming. However, God has really been speaking to me on success and how to succeed. So I wanted to share with you what my plan to succeed is in 2017. Well at least a few key points.

First and Foremost INVEST! Invest in your relationship with Jesus. I mean hello! This is the key of all keys. I’ll say it over and over again until I die! You have to plug into the power source if you want power. He is the source of all love, peace, joy, healing, success and every single thing you need!

Jesus gives us purpose when we spend time with Him. I don’t just mean purpose to succeed financially or in business. I mean LIFE! When I had all 3 little babies at home and I cooked and did 5 million loads of laundry a day, I didn’t think, I’m just a boring homemaker. Heck NO! I was filled up with purpose knowing I was raising little world changers.

 It is a matter of fact that my relationship with God directly affects every single area of my life! From the way I treat others, deal with fears, to my marriage. Let me just say it like this, me without Jesus is just plain nasty. You don’t want to see it, no one does, not even me and especially not my husband! HA, and I ain’t joking! You my Dear are no different; your relationship with Jesus affects every area of your life also.

So make your relationship with Jesus #1 above everything else. Invest in quality time with Him and you will already be on the road to success!

I don’t want to be swept away with all the “things” in life. I want to sit down with my Jesus, the lover of my soul and listen to Him speak to my heart. I want to open the Bible and get swept away with His love for me. I want to worship and pray from a place of intimacy and fervency! I want to always burn for Him. But it takes intention and investment. And trust me, the benefits and rewards from this investment are beyond comparison!

Next, throw off the failure! 2016 is gone and in the past. There is no use dwelling on past failures and disappointments. You can’t go back, period! I would have really liked to write more blogs last year; but I didn’t and I can’t do anything about that now. It’s done, finished and over! So I am not going to be disappointed in myself. Instead I will be happy about what I did do. And now make a plan to change.

Third, re-evaluate.  Uh ha, this is what I call looking back with purpose. Not looking back with, I failed; I’m such a loser attitude. No, none of that is allowed! Understood? This is looking back and asking God to speak to you about what you can change and re-arrange. I’ve asked the Lord to help me schedule my life in the best way possible to succeed and He is helping me lay it all out. He can do the very same for you!

So if there are areas of your life you’re not happy with then talk to God about them.  I mean, hello… God gave you the Holy Spirit as your helper! He will help you, really help you. Not like sit on the couch eating a bowl of chips and mumbling some random gibberish. The Holy Spirit is alive and active. He created the world in 6 days so you may want to go ahead and ask for help, especially since He offers it freely!

Last, Go! It’s time to stretch those legs and go. Sometimes, you just got to put one foot in front of the other, every day. If you never move in the direction God has spoken to you, then you most defiantly won’t make it to your destination! Take the steps, make a move, and be brave. Kick fear in the face and say, “if God is for me, who can be against me!” (Rom 8:31) You got this, you’re not alone!

OK, so are you with me on having the best most successful year ever? God wants us to succeed in every area and it is ours for the taking, let’s do this, you with me???

So here it is- 1 invest, 2 forget, 3 rearrange and 4 Go!

Let’s dive in together and have an amazing year. I’m really looking forward to getting to connect more with you during 2017. Tell me what are some goals you have for 2017? Anything specific? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Love, Rachel G xoxo


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8 thoughts on “4 keys to amazing success in the New Year

  1. So encouraging! This truly narrows life in 2017 down to four simple steps that one can easily follow. Time to keep moving forward and never looking back except to see what God has delivered us from! 2017 is a year of freedom and deliverance! But first things first…Invest! I wrote all of these steps down on sticky notes and put them in my office where they will be in front of my face everyday! Thank you, Rachel, for the encouragement and for YOUR investment that allows God to speak through you to bring healing and deliverance for others! :)

    1. Tonya, thank you. I’m so blessed by your comment! I love that you wrote the 4 keys on sticky notes and posted them in your office! It’s so powerful to keep the things the Lord speaks to us in front of our eyes! Thank you for being on this amazing journey with me. Love and blessings, Rachel G xoxo

  2. Thank you for this incredible reminder to not become too busy that I don’t spend time with the King of Kings!!!!! Life has a way of sweeping us along huh? I can’t afford to lose sight of what is most important- JESUS!!!!

  3. Yes you’re absolutely right, life can sweep us away if we aren’t careful! Life is so much better when Jesus is #1.So glad this was a blessing to you Daine, great to hear from you!
    Rachel G xoxo

  4. What a great Word for this new year, Rach! I really loved your comment about being a homemaker with the purpose and mindset of raising little world changers. It is easy to fall into monotony in our daily responsibilities, and this was a great fresh perspective for me and as I am constantly wiping runny noses and changing diapers in this season of life! But I wouldn’t trade it for anything… I love you and pray blessings over this new year for you guys

    1. Hey Em, so glad this blessed you! I know all to well the monotony of daily life well raising little one. That’s why the Lord spoke so much to me about the fact that everything we do has purpose. Especially raising babies, it’s one of the most important jobs in the world! I’m so proud of the wife and mama you’ve become!
      Love you Rachel xoxo

  5. I think i missed this before. I loved it. invest, forget, rearrange,Go!
    Missing you and can’t wait to see you all.


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