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Living A Life Of Courage

Your life is a living testimony that you will leave behind. I want to encourage you to let it be a courageous legacy!

In fact as a believer, in Christ, you come from a family of courageous people; it runs in your blood and heritage!

You can look through the Bible and find story after story of courageous acts by so many people. There are examples of men and women who operated in amazing courage! Just think on a few! Rehab the harlot, Gideon, David, John the Baptist and so many more!

You are a living example to those around you. To your families, co-workers, neighbors to everyone who knows you. You have the ability to inspire and strengthen those who are affected by your life.

Mom’s, your children see you every day, they watch you and study you. The way that you speak and live is one of the greatest opportunities to teach your children how to be a man or women of courage!

You are the anthem of courage!

I remember back in 2009 in the early years of my marriage. We had this 1997 2 door Honda accord with 300,000 miles on it(yes,300,000). It would break down at different times. But one time it died at a 4 way stop and some guys got out and pushed me to the gas station. Tristen and Asher were both in the car. They were asking what was going on?

I had to push away feelings of embarrassment and even fear. However I never allowed myself to get upset! Even though I knew this was our only vehicle and we had pretty much no money to our name.

But, I had been spending time with God and He had been filling me with hope about our future! So I told the kids, everything was ok, mom was going to get it all worked out and God was taking care of our every need!

I could have crumbled, cried, and allowed fear to crush me. But NO, God is bigger! It took all the faith and courage in my heart to stand strong and show my children everything was going to be ok. This is how we raise a generation of courageous, faith filled children and inspire even adults. It is our everyday lives that set the tone for greatness in the generations to come.

Courage goes out like a tidal wave affecting, encouraging, and inspiring all those around you. Your life and story have power! I want you to realize that you have the ability to affect so many around you.

Think about the opportunities in the work place, the grocery store, your kid’s school, or your neighborhood.

It is small acts of courage that have the power to transform the atmosphere. Don’t devalue your story or your testimony. Someone out there needs your courage.

Remember who you are! You are born again into a family of courageous people. You are the history maker of today! On the inside of you is a courageous roaring Lion. Inside of you is the faith of God. So rise up with the courage that flows through your spirit. You are mighty in Christ, you are bold, and you are fearless! That is who you really are. This is why the Apostle Paul said in Phi 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

 And I am saying to you, you are all courageous through Christ who strengthens you.

Focus on all the amazing things God has done in your life, draw strength from it. Go to the Bible and pull up your favorite stories of courageous men and women, the heroes of our faith. Read them and see yourself. This is your heritage; this is your God DNA.

You are a courageous person, you are a history maker and you have a purpose on the Earth! So rise, rise up and see through the Word that you are mighty in Christ. You have a song of courage for those around you, sing it! I am singing with you!

I always love to hear from you, so feel free to comment below. If you’ve been blessed feel free to share.

Love from Africa, Rachel G xoxo

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6 thoughts on “Living A Life Of Courage

  1. I enjoy hearing all your stories! I noticed your courage came from spending time with God….so important! Thank you for sharing…always a blessing to me.

    1. Exactly right Charlotte, all courage,strength,faith… All comes from that sweet intimate time with the Lord! It’s vital for victory!! Love Rachel G xoxo

  2. I love this… Such a good reminder to model our faith for our kids!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom lady, love you!!

  3. So encouraging, so good!! So true ! The exact things God has been speaking to me about being courageous, bold and fearless!
    I’m very happy I found your blog. This text really stirred up something new in me. Also your instagram videos with your husband. You guys have the power of God on you and He’s using your talents for His glory! Hallelujah ☺️ Be blessed!

    1. Hi Veera, I just love how God always confirms His words to us I’m many ways and Im blessed He used my blog to do so in your life! So happy to have you along with me on the journey! And thank you for the kind words!!
      Love, Rachel G xoxo

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