Don’t Quit


When you are headed in the direction God has for you it is not always going to be easy, BUT IT IS WORTH IT!

We were stepping out on the greatest adventure of our lives. Moving to Africa with our 3 kids! It felt so exciting, so invigorating. Here we were at the International Departures area of Dallas Fort Worth airport, it was March 2012. We just knew we were doing what God was calling us to do. We had our faith amped up and we were ready to rock it for Jesus.

Of course we had prayed over the trip, the airplane, the kids, everything! The flight left at around 6 or 7pm. We boarded, got settled, they served dinner and there were movies for the kids to watch. All was well. Samara was 1 year old at the time and a lap child. Having her own seat would have been ideal but it would have been an extra 1,500 dollars and that was not in our budget.

This can’t be happening…

At around 9pm the kids started to power down and get sleepy. The boys ages 3 and 5 were fine in their seats watching movies till they drifted off to sleep. NOT Samara! She started to get antsy and then started to cry. She cried non-stop for almost 16 hours on 2 different flights disrupting everyone in that part of the plane. I tried everything in the book, food, prayer, singing, you name it I tried it! Even the flight attendants and caring women aboard all tried to sooth her.

I stood in the back of the plane almost the entire trip rocking her. I thought she would fall asleep from sheer exhaustion, but NO! It was craziness!

There I was in the greatest faith adventure of my life, stepping out on God’s word and all chaos was happening! What in the world! We had prayed, we had believed for a peaceful, smooth trip and this was happening.

Don’t Quit!

When you obey a word from the Lord you need to know if you hit resistance, do NOT start to question that word. Do NOT start to back up and do NOT allow doubt to fill your heart and mind! You stay the course; you fix your heart on that word and cling to it!

Everything on that trip was not “perfect” and smooth flying.  However, God was with me! God strengthened me for a 22 hour trip across the world with a crying upset baby! I was exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally, yet I had strength! Supernatural strength from my inner man! Strength beyond what I knew possible!  I could have lost it, broke down and cried from sheer exhaustion and fatigue, but I didn’t! It was truly amazing and it was God!

The supernatural life.

If you are hitting resistances and challenges don’t stop! God is with you, He is working on your behalf. Sometimes when we step out in faith we may experience pressure because the devil wants you become discouraged and quit. It is perseverance that we need. It is determination to keep going. Don’t second guess yourself at the first sign of something going wrong!

You walk with the God of the universe and you are not alone!

Jesus has won victory for you, it is yours if you are willing to stand your ground and not back down! If resistances comes don’t focus on the problem, focus on the word. Focus on Jesus and what He has spoken to you. Set your heart like a flint! You are not weak, do not be pushed around. Just like I had strength on that plane, you will have strength in what you face. Take those words from God and stand fast. I am standing with you, you are not alone!

I believe in you, I believe in the words God has spoken to you and believe God will bring those words to pass!

I feel so blessed we are on this journey together! You can leave a comment below with any thoughts or any prayer requests! I would be honored to join in prayer with you!

Also, I’m linking here an awesome teaching from Willie called “You need to be believing God”. I believe it will truly bless you and strengthen you so check it out!

Blessings from Africa, Rachel G xoxo


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4 thoughts on “Don’t Quit

  1. Wow sis!! Isaac just turned 1. I can only imagine how exhausting that would have been on the plane. And an opportunity to doubt and be discouraged. This testimony really encouraged me this morning. I needed it!!

  2. This encouraged me as well. I would love prayer…we are ready to launch out into the inknown of our great adventure and move from the only home I’ve known to move to Texas. We first need to talk to my parents which in my book is the biggest step of the whole thing. I don’t want to break her heart. I feel like I’m where you were when you cried all those tears before moving to CO. Leaving all my comforts is so scary!

    Thank you again!

    1. Yes yes yes, I will be praying for you!! As you know I am all to familiar with all that! I know you must love your momma deeply by most importantly you keep your heart on Jesus. You have 1 life to live and 1 life to give. I’m praying with you guys! Rachel G xoxo

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