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How to break free from what’s hindering you

Feeling like you are stuck in a pit today or maybe everyday for that matter? Does it seem like life is squeezing you?  Maybe situations are overwhelming? Well, if you want to break free, then I’m going to share with you one of the best weapons we have as believers for getting free!

In Christ we are not powerless but powerful. We are not helpless but conquerors! That being said we must use what we have to win the battles we face. We know ultimately Jesus won the war but we must at times stand in the battle knowing we are victors and wield our weapons.

We have been given a body and a voice!

We have a body and a voice, not just for eating ice cream and chatting with friends, although these are some of my favorite things, haha.. Seriously though, your body and voice are weapons and if you use them correctly, extremely powerful!

Let me give you a personal illustration. When we moved to Africa we knew it was God’s will 100% no questions asked. We were completely debt free, bought our tickets cash for around 8,000$ usd, had a little money in the bank and a very small partner list of people giving to our ministry.

We had been in Kenya about 2 weeks when we found a house to rent. We paid the rent and deposit on the home. Well to make a long story short, it was a bad deal. They were crooked and the house deal fell through. We tried to ask for our money back but it was gone. That money was almost all we had at that time and it was gone. Here we were in the middle of Africa with 3 little kids and no money.

What to do now?!?

So what did we do? Cry, allow fear to grip us, call it quits or call home and ask for money? NO to all of those. We had to use our weapons. That was our bodies and our voices.

We were staying at this really sad excuse for a hotel. We were outside in this walk area; my husband had been walking and praying in the Spirit for wisdom. I joined him outside with the kids. I began to walk and pray with him. After a few moments something began to bubble inside of us. We began to shout out loud, like a victory shout.  Then we began to run and shout and sing and praise and jump up and down. We would have looked like we won the lottery, but in the natural we had lost almost everything. But we knew the truth, Jesus had won the victory for us, we were victors, not victims and we had to act like it.

We weren’t faking it, we knew God had called us to succeed not fail, we knew His promises were of good and not of evil to us. We had to fight those feelings of fear, sadness, anger and confusion with praise and thanksgiving! We were living from a place where the truth was more real than a situation. We put our faith and actions behind that belief.

From that moment peace returned and hope filled our hearts.  Late that night we received a call that a one thousand dollar offering had been given to us. That thousand seemed like a million at that  time! Lol We had enough money to take a bus to a different town and find a new place to rent. From there the ministry began to grow. We didn’t allow that situation to dictate our future! We broke free!

So whatever it is you’re facing, whatever you need set free from, USE YOUR WEAPONS!

You have the power and weapons to get free. Use your body and voice, jump and shout and praise the Lord. I don’t care if you have to close the door and lock it, I don’t care if you feel like an idiot. This will set your heart free! This will change situations around you!  Put on your favorite worship song and sing your heart out and dance before the Lord over whatever issues you face. Freedom is yours for the taking, use your weapons and go get it!

I hope this blesses you and strengthens you for whatever it is you face today. I love hearing your comments and what’s happening in your life, so please feel free to comment below.

If you would like more info on our missions work in Africa you can click here.

Blessings my lovely, Rachel G xoxo





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8 thoughts on “How to break free from what’s hindering you

  1. Thank you for this very timely word. I live in Louisiana & a month ago over 10,000 homes were flooded. So many are weighted down with the burden of rebuilding. I’m having Bible study tomorrow with several of them & will tell your story.
    Blessings to you & your family as you spread the Good News! -Rhonda

    1. Hi Rhonda, yes I did hear about all the flooding in Louisiana, so sad… But God is greater! I Beileve you are blessed and annointed to minister to these ladies! I truly hope my story lifts their hearts and strengthens their souls!
      Loved hearing from you!
      Blessings, Rachel G xoxo

  2. Great on time word! I intend to shout and dance and praise the Lord with all my heart, and I intend to have the manifestation that HE promised. Thank you for encouraging us all the time with your awesome testimonies of the faithfulness of our Great God! Love and blessings to you!

    1. Amen my sister! I will be shouting and dance right along with you! I Beileve the goodness of God is overflowing in every area of your life, now, in Jesus name!!!
      Love you!
      Rachel G xoxo

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