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Joy in the Journey

The journey is one of the best parts of life, yet many people seem hasty to skip it altogether and just reach their destination. However, without embracing and enjoying the journey, we will miss so much of life!

Don’t misunderstand me; it’s a good thing to be moving towards goals in your life. Willie and I are always pressing in and moving towards the goals and the vision God has given us.

Yet, in all the pressing it is imperative to remember to pause and enjoy the journey! Looking back at my life there were times the journey that we were on was not as I expected or even at times wanted. But now, I am extremely thankful for many of those times. They were amazing memories in the making.

When we moved to Colorado back in 2011, I was really hoping to live in a big beautiful home that fit all 5 of us comfortably. We had just moved from a little dumpy house in Texas. I was envisioning a large beautiful mountain home.

However, we ended up moving into a little semi-dumpy 2 bedroom apartment in Colorado Springs. I wasn’t very happy at first, to say the least! I didn’t hold back letting Willie know how I felt either. Wow, I really let it all out. This was not my proudest moment, and by moment, I mean like a week, not a day. EEEK

I am not a perfect person, I really and truly know I need Jesus. I cling to His grace and in His grace He corrects me and teaches me. I saw the error of my selfish and short sided thinking, repented and of course like God always does, He made something amazing happen.

My heart changed and I had an amazing year in that little apartment. God did so much in our lives! Let me just tell you how much I deeply love the memories from living there. It was one of the best most memorable and beloved years of my life!

It’s were God spoke to us about moving to Africa, and we did move to Africa, after living there only 1 year. It is where we made so many dear friends. We would barbeque and have people over to that little apartment that smelled like pot from our neighbors getting high upstairs! Lol.

 It’s where we cultivated friendships that are some of our most valued and precious to this day. People like (Walter and Anna) and (Jeff and Autumn). To be honest, I couldn’t imagine my life without these lifelong friendships.

So many people came to visit us there. My sister came from Oregon and stayed with us. We even ended up at this crazy parade in the fun and funky little town of Manitou Springs. It was the “keep Manitou weird parade”…and it was weird. We had parked on the street and ate at a restaurant, little did I know while we were eating, the police had roped of the road and I couldn’t move my car.

We were stuck at that parade with all 3 kids. People were showering my kids with mardi gras beads. Tristen and Asher thought they were celebrities receiving prizes of beads around their necks. My sister and I just laughed and laughed! I will never forget that.

Willie and I would take these beautiful summer walks near the trail by our house with the kids almost daily. Talking and dreaming of the time when we would be preaching Jesus around the world one day, it was so special!

Oh the memories, the beautiful journey! It wasn’t what I had originally envisioned but it turned out to be so much more then I could have asked for.

So my point is this-Don’t forsake the journey.

 You may have a greater destination than where you are at right now. But don’t forget to stop and enjoy what God is giving you in the season you’re in. Keep focused on the future but embrace today. Embrace the beauty, the laughter, and the future memories you are making in the present.

As the old saying goes, make sure to stop and smell the roses. Even when you make it to your destination, it’s the journey that holds all the memories.

So where ever you are at today, I pray that you are moving towards your destiny, I pray that God’s blessing is abounding in your life and I pray that you may enjoy the journey!

And by the way, the big house did come later!!!!

I’d love to hear more about your journey, feel free to comment below.

Rachel G xoxo



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4 thoughts on “Joy in the Journey

  1. Dearest Rachel,
    I love reading your blog. Your life reminds me very much of mine many years ago. I, too, was a missionary for over a decade when my children were young. We left this country and went to Guatemala with 10 duffle bags. The rest is history. 😉
    I appreciate your honesty, enthusiasm and passion.
    Blessings sister!

    1. Cary, oh my gosh Guatemala for over a decade with you family that’s amazing!!! Out stories sound very familiar indeed. I know what it is like to only move with 1 bag for each person. I am so blessed to read you comment. Thanks for sharing with me! Love Rachel G xoxo

  2. I really love this reminder!! The memories and beauty really are in the journey!! My lesson for this was when we moved from our house in Estacada. I was tired of a tiny house and feeling isolated. But looking back it was an as amazing time with amazing memories! It taught me to really enjoy the journey and where you are at, even if things aren’t perfect. I will never forget that! Xoxo!!

    1. It’s so true! I love that little house you had because I’ll never forget Willie and I staying there and you and Josh and us talking till late at night. It’s one of my favorite memories!!! And we have many more great memories ahead! love you Xoxo

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