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Does what you do make a difference?

This was so impactful for me that I wanted to make sure to share it with you!

 I posted around a week ago on Instagram something that I experienced and related it to parents. However, the more I thought about it, I realized it is not just for parents. It is for all of us! We all can use this reminder. My reminder stung a little bit but it also… Hurt so good!

Original Post————————————————————

Hey mamas and daddies…I had a moment the other day that was a hard reminder to me… We are called to raise kind, loving, caring and compassionate children! Well we’re that example to them! They mirror what we say and how we react to people and situations. So we have to watch ourselves!!!!

So here’s what happened to me. I was frustrated at a person for something they did. At home I said something negative about them and the situation. It was only a few words. Not a long angry rant. But it was in front of one of my kids.

About 10 mins later my kid is describing to me something that happened at school with another kid… And guess what he said about them… Pretty much the very same thing I said 10 minutes earlier! Yikes! We have never allowed gossips and slander in our home, it’s venom and poison to the soul.

However, I had just let it slip out from frustration. You know, like what you might say about someone who cuts you off driving. Or how irritated you are at the person holding up the checkout line; because you’re in such a rush 10 more minutes might kill you.

It’s the little annoyances and frustrations with people that we show our children. It’s these tiny teaching moments when we say, it’s Ok to be rude towards others.

This moment really stung my heart! I was so repentant to God and my kids. It was a hard reminder that we are the living examples of love to our children! What we teach them is what they think is acceptable! All the hate and malice in youth today is not just from video games and music. It’s from the example they have in front of them.

So mama’s and daddy’s let us honor God with our words and actions towards others. In doing so we will raise children who love others and care for one another. The difference starts with us!

End Post——————————————————————–

So you see this is not just for moms and dads of little ones like me. It is for all of us! The world is like having little ones. They watch Christians and they look to see how we react and respond to situations. Shouldn’t we be the difference in their lives and atmosphere?

We are the light of the world; we are the salt of the Earth. Christ is living on the inside of us and He should be what the world sees.  We aren’t perfect and God does not require perfection. His love and grace covers us in our faults and failures. His mercy is abundant and forgiveness limitless.

Yet at the same time there ought  to be fruit that is evident in our lives. Fruit that comes from sitting at the feet of Jesus and receiving His life, peace and joy.  We are the example to those around us, we are the example to the world.

As Minister Jessie Duplantis says, “Sometimes the only Jesus people will ever see is the Jesus in you and the Jesus in me”. 

So let us be the Jesus that people see!

Rachel G xoxo


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2 thoughts on “Does what you do make a difference?

  1. Rachel, I soooo needed that this morning! I’m a senior in high school and yesterday was a rough day, which had me acting like the most negative person ever. Not usually being so negative, it hurt my spirit being in that place. Reading this sitting in my classroom this morning was the best way I could have started this new day off! I am going to walk in love and joy today, being aware that I am being watched by my peers. :) Thank you

    1. Aubrey, I’m so blessed to read your comment this morning! We all have moments where our flesh get the best of us. But I’m so thankful for Christ grace in our lives! Sounds like you are an amazing young lady and I know Jesus light is shining bright through you today! So great to hear from you!
      Rachel G xoxo

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