Hi, I am Rachel Griffith and I am really happy you stopped by.

Let me introduce myself.

I am a missionary living in East Africa with my amazing husband, who is my best friend. I couldn’t imagine life without him. He is a minister of Jesus Christ and I must say my favorite at that. Everything I’ am today as a person my husband has a part in. He has loved me, supported me and poured into me. The fruit of who I am now is largely in part to the seeds he has sown into me for all these years! We have 3 super awesome kiddos, 2 boys and a girl. We are a family of 5, living abroad, following Jesus wherever He calls. We first came to Africa in 2012, now it’s our home and I love it dearly.

I’m an adventure seeker for Christ, faith is not optional but essential, grace is my everything, and without Jesus there would be no me.

I am a Laughter lover, chit chatter, people person, believer that hugs are a necessary part of life.

I am a lover of others. Fake accent talker. History enthusiast. Laid back is my style. I like the free flow life but still aim for structure. The more the merrier suits me well.

I strongly believe that God friendships are straight from heaven and one of the sweetest gifts we can have in our lives.

I believe that a little bit of crazy is good, fun is a must and joy is contagious.

Jesus is the answer for everything and I have no doubt about that. Authentic, transparent and real are my aim. Less of the World in my life and more of Jesus please!

I’ve got one life to live and one life to give. I want to live all out for the call and not look back. May my short existence on Earth fulfill my purpose God has given me.

I desire to share with others my story, struggles and triumph. Christ rocked my world, now I want to rock the world for Him.

I am artistic and was never very academic; so forgive my writing errors. I’m sure you will find them. It’s my heart I want to share with you and not my grammar ability. (hehe)

In 2006 I married Willie and the both of us totally and completely laid down our lives to Jesus. I stepped out of serious darkness, wickedness and a dangerous life of sin. I was a hopeless case, But God… God saved me from the wreck of an existence I was living.

I was one messed up chick-

However my life was transformed in every way. My husband Willie and I both felt the call to ministry shortly after giving our lives to Jesus. Now we preach Christ around the world. Wow! God is good. My husband and I, with our kids, minster in churches all over east Africa and disciple pastors so they change their world for Jesus.

If you want to know more about our ministry in Africa you can check out

But my passion is helping women all over the world.

I love women and I love being a women. I guess that sounds funny but true. I believe women are extremely special to God. We are an integral part of the Kingdom of God and vitally important to the world as a whole.

This blog is a place for women (not that men aren’t allowed). It’s a place where I can share with you, inspire you, make you laugh, bring you joy and give you hope!

I love to talk and I love people, it’s safe to say I am an extrovert. So let’s connect. I’d love hearing from you, please feel free to comment on my blogs.

I’ll be blogging about everything in life. God has changed me so completely that my desire is for you to experience the same.

My blogs will consist of all things relating to Christ and our relationship with Him. Who we are in Christ and what He has done for us. What God says about us as women and our place. Family, marriage, raising kids and yes sex. Finding your place in this world as a Christian women. Living in a social media crazed time and searching for reality. Loving yourself and others. Healthy relationships with friends, even making, keeping or letting go of friends. My life and adventures as a missionary and wife of a minster traveling the world with my family in tow. Overcoming! Overcoming addictions, abuse, wrong thinking and so much more.

So please sign up to get my blog straight to your email. You can click on the connect button at the bottom right of this page and hit me up on any of the social media sites.

I may be blogging from Africa but through technology it’s almost like we are chatting face to face with a good cup of coffee or tea.

Thanks for stopping by.

Lots of Love, Rachel

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12 thoughts on “Me

  1. Love your bio – I am also a laughter lover, chit chatter and big hugger , and think that’s a great way to identify oneself :) Gid is truly good, and I am eager to follow along your journey of missionary work and see Him at work . Hugs !

    1. Hi Kelly, sounds like we share a lot in common. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Blessings, Rachel xoxo

  2. YOU ARE A WARRIOR!!! May God keep using you and your family for His glory, and may His grace and love be poured on your lives abundantly every day! Thank you for serving as an example of someone who laid down their life for the Kingdom… those things don’t go unnoticed…
    God bless you!

    1. Thank you for such wonderful words of love and affirmation! I really appreciate your thoughtful comment. I look forward to staying connected with you. Much love in Christ, Rachel xoxo

  3. There is nothing more powerful than when the enemy’s darkness is turned around and used against him through God’s grace. You are an amazing example of beauty from ashes, and that is so powerful! May God use your story to reach and free other women who need His touch in their lives! Looking forward to reading more and learning even more about your journey. Love you and your sweet family! Em

    1. Thank you Em! I’ve been so blessed to have amazing family and friends who have loved me through it all!! I love you so much! Xoxo

  4. Hi Rachel!
    Wow, I’ve been so blessed to read your blog & follow your family’s journey! It is an encouragement & gives hope for the future that God has. Thank you so much for your courage to follow Jesus ~ it is inspiring! I look forward to more of what you have to share.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you Pamela, it’s an honor to share my life and story with you. We are all in this journey together and I’m blessed to have you as a part of it! I look forward to staying connected with you! Many blessings in Christ, Rachel xoxo

  5. I don’t believe it is an accident I have stumbled on to your blog. As a pastors wife and mom I’m in a season of life where God keeps saying go deeper. Go deeper. No matter what others do. Your passion for Jesus is a breath of fresh air to my soul today. God bless you

    1. Hi Diane! I dont believe in accidents either, but God divine appointments. I’m so blessed you found my blog and so happy to hear part of your story. Let’s go DEEPER together Diane! I look forward to continuing to connect with you. Blessing my sweet sister in Christ! Rachel xoxo

  6. I am very excited about your blog!!! Im excited to hear all that God has done in your life, and is continuing to do! I love how you are a power house for Jesus but you also don’t take life to serious either. I love connecting with women too, and as a stay home mom i need it. Love, grace, peace and blessings multiplied to you and your beautiful family!!!

    1. Thank you sister, you have been there through every part of my life and I love you so much! You are my sister and best friend! You love and support is priceless to me! Love Rachel xoxo

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