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Living A Life Of Passion and Purpose

Hey, Hey, Hello! So, here it is my first blog. Living a life of purpose and passion! I wanted to first say thank you for taking the time to sign up and wanting to hear what I have to say. I’m actually very humbled by this all!

It was last year when the Lord spoke to me to start Lamb Life, and to tell you the truth, I was nervous. This definitely is stretching me in areas. I’m totally comfortable to grab a mic and talk in front of a crowd of people or carry on a conversation for an hour with someone I’ve just met. But sitting here at my computer writing… that’s never been a strong point for me. HA

However I told the Lord over 10 years ago that I was all in. All in with Him and whatever He asked me to do, the answer was yes, no matter the cost. So here I am, writing to you!

Really and truly when I’m writing, I think of you. What would I say if we were just chatting face to face over a cup of coffee? The only difference with that is I’m trying to condense the 1 million words I’d be saying into something much shorter! So here we are. I really and truly started this blog “Lamb Life” because the Lord told me it was time to start openly sharing my life and story with you.

My past struggles, my victories and everything else in between. As most women we are many things to many people. We come from a variety of backgrounds and upbringings. But God has brought us here together today and I am so blessed by it.

I say this humbly I have a lot of people write and tell me that they are so amazed by my life, they are inspired by what I do; missionary momma and wife living in Africa. I feel super blessed and honored. But the reason people are inspired is not simply by what they see on the outward part of my life.

What inspires, what draws, what beckons, what speaks to people when they see my life is the willingness to say, “yes”. To say yes to God no matter the coast. Yes, to laying down my own wants, desires and plans and being willing to do whatever God speaks, being all in. Its freedom that we long for isn’t it?!? Freedom to live a life that means something, to find your purpose, passion and what you were created to do! It’s the Jesus life on the inside of me that people long for and are attracted to. Praise Him!!!

I want to share with you how to live the very same way I live, with purpose and passion! How the everyday can be extraordinary. This type of life is for every believer, not just me or a select few! This is truly my desire and I believe God’s desire for this blog. If I can bless one person then I will be truly happy!

I’m not in to commercialized Christianity; I don’t want anything that just looks good on the outside but is dead on the inside. I want to live, yup real meaningful life, real passion and real purpose! That’s what I want to share with you through Lamb Life.

So I hope you stick with me, I hope you will be blessed and I hope to hear from you! Leave me a comment I’d love your thoughts. 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my “Me” page, which is about me… please do so. That way you can get to know me even better.

Till next time be blessed my precious friend! Love Rachel G xoxo

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8 thoughts on “Living A Life Of Passion and Purpose

  1. Look forward to hearing more. Love your courage to live your life w your little family, on the edge, just where the Lord wants all of us.

    1. Thank you Rachel, Great name by the way!!! Lol Thank you for wanting to be a part of my story and journey, of life on the edge as you called it. I love that! Xoxo

  2. I was so happy to find your email in my inbox this morning. The Zoe life you live is what attracts others (me included) to you! I am thankful to God for you and your testimony, and I’m looking forward to many more blog posts! Have an awesome day…

    1. Praise God Sherman, I’m so happy you were blessed and I’m excited to share this journey with you! Blessings xoxo

  3. “All in with Him!” Love it and so enjoy hearing all you & your family are doing for the Lord! Thank you!

  4. Beautiful and inspirational, just like you. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more! I thank God for putting you in our lives. Love you, Rachel!

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