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There is power in your history

Following Jesus isn’t always what you imagine it will be, but if you don’t quit you will look back on a beautiful history.

Today I was making instant oatmeal in my kitchen here in Kenya. It was a cloudy and cooler morning, which I was very thankful for. In that moment of mixing oatmeal and hot water I was flooded with so many memories of living here in Kenya. I have made oatmeal thousands of times in America but here it is different.

The texture, smell and consistency is different than what we have in America. It wasn’t the oatmeal I loved remembering so much. It was all the different places I had made it at. All the different places we’d stayed at while living in Kenya; from the big city of Nairobi to the highland, sugar fields or the dry places. At times with nothing more than minimal groceries and minimal money and other times with plenty.  So many memories of different places in different cities on new adventures.

More than all that, it brought to mind all God has done in us and all He has brought us through.

When you truly start to follow God in all He has called you to, you don’t know what everything will look like. You don’t know how everything will go. You will most likely have in your imagination some idea of what you think the journey will be like. Yet it may surprise you.

What God has planned will always be good, but it might just be different then you expect.

I now have years of following God to look back on and draw strength from to encourage my faith and establish my heart in peace. I’m thankful for every step, phase and ups and downs of the journey. They may not have always been perfect or what I imagined, but they are mine.  All mine and no one else’s. My challenges and my victories.

You must first start the journey and stay the course in order to build a legacy of victory in your heart. Like I said not everything will be as you imagine it will be. Possibly you’re already in the midst of your journey and it’s not as you expected. Take heart and stay the course. Quitting might seem easier but only for a time. A life made up of “what ifs” are far more disturbing then ups and downs.

So continue on my friend! You are creating a history that will build and inspire you and those around you for years and possibly generations to come.

I may have just been making instant oatmeal but even in this small thing was a rush of inspiration! A flood of memories filled with victories and triumphs.

So don’t discount the small, don’t abandon the call because of struggles and don’t lose heart if things don’t look like you expected. Stay the course, keep the faith and make some of your own oatmeal memories!

Much love from Africa, Rachel G

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