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Sonship Power

Man o man I can remember in the early years of walking with the Lord and beginning to step out and follow Him, times that really tested my faith. I had to resist fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of finances and fear over my family and kids. We were making decisions that we didn’t always have all the answers for. 

They were decisions that stretched my thinking, resources and faith!

So what was it that helped me move past the fear and the unknown and into the exciting future God had planned? Well truly there were several things,  but 1 MAJOR factor,  1 MAJOR key was a understanding of sonship. 

You see it is sonship that will carry your heart through fear,  trials,  uncertainties and hardships. Freeing you to step out and follow God into new and exciting territory!                                                                                                                                                               

When your heart is founded and steadfast on the truth that you are a child of God, a son or daughter of the Most High, you can walk in great confidence in every situation and decision.

 We didn’t have all the answers while following God at times, but we had confidence. I had confidence. Confidence in knowing my heavenly Father loved me and my family. In that knowing I knew His plans were of good and not evil.

In 2012 we knew God had called us to Africa, we knew we were called to minister to the Nation’s. We didn’t know where exactly to live, what we would do for transportation or where all the finances would come from.

But we knew God, we knew His love and His character. I knew I could trust Him with our lives and family. And that’s what we did.

You see if you want a confident boldness to follow God and walk through any situation you need to develop an understanding of God’s loving kindness and His super abounding grace.

It is a confidence in God’s grace and loving kindness as a Father to you that will cause you to go where others fear to go!

 You are called to walk on the wild side, your not a bench warmer. Your a world changer.

 You are a beloved child of the King,  not an outsider.  Develop this understanding of sonship and you will prepare yourself for whatever comes your way! You will be ready when the Lord speaks.

This understanding of sonship is something we grow in forever while on this Earth. We will never totally fully understand the depths of God’s love for us. However, let us always want to discover and understand it more and more. Let us set our hearts to be those who desire above all else to know His extravagant love for us

So I hope you will join with me to develop an understanding and awareness of who we are as  children of God; and in that understanding you will walk in great confidence into all God has called you to.

Comment below, I always love to hear from you!

 Much love for Africa,  Rachel G xoxo


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2 thoughts on “Sonship Power

  1. I once was going somewhere with my Dad , and I was telling. God all the good he did and how great of a Dad he was , and the Holy Spirit whispered this too my heart ❤️ from the ❤️️ Of the Father , I long for you to depend upon me as you have depended upon him . My Dad is now in heaven with my Father God ….. But i have learned to completely depend upon my Father God ….. Love ❤️ You Rachel G …. and Family

    1. Cheryl, this is absolutely beautiful thank you so much for sharing this with me! It’s so true and so amazing that God wants and desires to be our Father in everyway! His love is truly astounding!!
      Love you, Rachel G xoxo

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