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Stir up your dreams

I’d say the ability to dream is one of God’s greatest gifts to us.

 Dreaming while we sleep, day dreaming, using or imagination all of these are truly amazing! I am sitting in Africa right now, but if I stop and think. I can imagine I’m sitting at El Paso, my favorite Mexican food restaurant eating chips, queso and enchiladas with our great friends Michael and Nikki. I can really see it even though I’m not there, it’s not real, but I can see it. What is real is how hungry I am right now for some Mexican food! LOL

My point is we can dream, we should dream, we were made to dream!  More specifically we should be constantly dreaming about what God has spoken to us! We should fix our imagination on those words and play them out in our head.

Willie, my husband has done this consistently in his walk with the Lord and the results are amazing! Years ago when the Lord began to show him that we would be living and ministering overseas. Willie would imagine me playing with African children and loving on them. That was years before we ever came to Africa. That’s a reality now! He saw those things in his imagination before they ever happened. They became a reality on the inside through dreaming about them first. Remember God is a God of vision; He calls those things which do not exist as though they did (Rom 4:17). He SEES them done. God’s vision follows His word not any earthly circumstance.

I want to you to dream!

I don’t just mean your own dreams, and there is a difference! I’m not saying just dream about a big house, fancy cars and so much money you sit and do nothing all day. God needs you! He has a plan for you. First seek the plan then those other things will come, because they are found in the plan. God wants you to seek Him first. Seek Him and His plan and His way and then the house, car, wealth and other things will be found inside your calling.

The plan is the dream.

So it’s God’s dreams you want. Spend time with Him and come away dreaming! We know His plans are good, we know there to prosper us. So dream and dream big. Stir up your heart!

Have you let life kill your dream?

Maybe it’s been people or circumstances that have killed your dreams. Have you’ve been pushed down and stayed down. Maybe you have just forgotten about what God spoke to you years ago. Life’s gone by and it just went to the way side? Or maybe life has been to good, prosperous and easy and you just let that word, that dream God spoke to you slip away?

Well don’t let any of these hold you back or stop you any longer. None of these are a good excuse. You are needed, God needs you. Your life is of great value. Not only to God, but to those around you that God is putting in your path to impact for the Kingdom.

Don’t let anything stop you.

Don’t allow fear, discouragement, or you thinking you’re not qualified hold you back. Here I am writing a blog, I’m someone who barley graduated high school and received pretty much all C grades except in History and geography. I am not the smartest person academically you’ve ever met. However, I will not quit on a dream from God because I see an area that I am weak.

Compared to God we are all weak, in every area. However, God does not use us because we’re strong; He uses us when we are humble enough to say yes!! Say yes with me to the call and dreams that God has for you.

Writing has stretched me and challenged me but thank God for spell check and my husband who so sweetly encourages me. I love what I’m doing, it’s a dream to me and I’m living it. I won’t be held by this world and you shouldn’t be either. We were made to dream, made to see the impossible become a reality, made to imagine greatness and see it come to pass! Don’t let life kill your dreams. You were made for great things!

I want to hear about the dreams God has put in your heart! Leave me a comment below and tell me about them. It would be an honor to hear about them and be in prayer for you. Or, if you aren’t sure of the plans God has for you, don’t worry about that. Just go to God with open hands and an open heart and He will begin to fill you!

With love from Africa, Rachel G xoxo






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8 thoughts on “Stir up your dreams

  1. Thank you for this post. It came right when I needed to read it. I’m going to pick up some of my dreams and not let go. Thank you again!

    1. Janet, I’m so blessed to hear this! Yes, don’t let go, God’s got great things in store for you!!
      Rachel G xoxo

  2. This was such an encouraging post, Rachel! Seriously! My dream has always been to live and minister overseas as well. Loved reading this post!

    1. Jessica, I’m so so blessed that this spoke to you! I know God has places great things in your heart and beileve those things will come to pass!! Love Rachel G xoxo

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