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The 1st step to living your adventure

The beginning to every great adventure is letting go and taking the first step.

I will never forget back in 2010 when Willie (my husband) said to me “I believe the Lord is telling us to move to Colorado.”  My spirit bore witness with him and I knew it was the right decision. But my oh my, did I cry, like a baby, so many times right up until the day before we moved. I actually was able to refrain myself from crying the day we moved in order to keep my children from thinking something was wrong.

You see I actually believed with all my heart that it was God’s will for us to move from Texas to Colorado to be a part of Andrew Wommack Ministries. I wasn’t crying about the fact that my husband had taken a volunteer position and had no job and we had no home yet. We were simply stepping out on the word we had heard from God and that was all fine and dandy to me.

So why all the silly crying?!?!? When I look back now I laugh at myself! Little did I know that moving to Colorado was only a small move compared to what was to come. Since then I have moved across continents on more than one occasion with all 3 kids in tow giving away all our earthly possessions along the way! One small move across a few states with a big u-haul in tow seems like nothing now!

So what was I crying about?

Well, I was crying about letting go of the comforts I had felt for all the years I lived in Texas. My parents were there and I was extremely close to them and them to us and our kids. Willie’s whole family was also there. I was agonizing about moving away from them! Plus all my amazing friends, and I had a lot of amazing Christian women in my life. I was upset having to move away from church, my community, and all the comforts of home.

You see, this is why people never step into the adventurous life God has for them. You cannot begin to live the life of freedom and adventure if you’re clinging so tightly to all the “things” you hold dear. The first great step to adventure comes by being willing to disconnect from the comfortable. Start to separate yourself from over attachments to people, places and things! I’m not saying don’t be involved and become a loner, on the contrary, I believe all believers should be connected to a good church and others.

But I am saying you need to form willingness in your heart to say I could walk away from it all! If you’re not willing to walk away, chances are you will never be in a place to hear God speak to you in the first place.

I am telling you there is nothing more exciting than the rush of living by faith in an adventure that is custom made just for you by the hand of God.

WOW, WOW, WOW, are you hearing this??? I am pumping myself up! God has custom created an adventure just for your life. How exciting is that! Yours will look different then mine but we all need to keep the same heart and mind. We need to be willing to be willing. A willing heart to bet it all on Jesus and His plan for you. You were not made for just an average mundane life! You were made for a spectacular story full of excitement and adventure! I want to put a exclamation point  after everything I’m saying right now because it pumps me up!!! (there’s a few more)!!! HA

Take it from this wife and momma of 3, I’m not super special, I’m just a women who said yes to being willing to let it all go and take a step into the unknown adventure of faith.

I promise you, this kind of thinking is what will set you up for the great adventures that await you!

So let’s together as children of God say to ourselves and our Heavenly Father. “I am willing to let it all go, I am willing to bet it all on you and I am ready for the great adventure you have planned for me!”

I am blessed to have you as a part of my adventure.  I love hearing from you, so please leave a comment below!  Also feel free to share this if you’ve been blessed.

Rachel G xoxo

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11 thoughts on “The 1st step to living your adventure

  1. Great read! Had simikar kind of experience before coming to Africa leaving India and family n friends behind…yes God has plans…I know that now.
    Thankyou Rachel!

    1. Shai, oh yes I’m sure it was really difficult to leave India! But I am glad you did, because now I’ve gotten to know the beautiful person that you are and i’m so blessed by that!!
      Love you, xoxo

  2. Thank you Rachel! This is something of which the hubby and I have been steadfast in prayering about. Your blog this morning has beautifully fit our goals of growing closer to God and being willing to step out of our comfort zone! Blessings

    1. Haley, I’m so blessed to read this. I know the Lord is revealing His plan and purpose for you guys life! Stay the course and I know you will be walking into amazing things!
      Love and blessings Rachel G xoxo

  3. Willing to be willing! Yes! That pumps me up. I haven’t had to walk away from all my possessions but i have had God lead me on my adventure. Every time we were at a crossroad or needed something, i have bet it all on Jesus. I look around at my life and know i am where i am not because of me, but ONLY because of Him. I have learned not to limit Him, and He has always done more than we could ask, think, or imagine. Life is truly an adventure with our Creator that continues on!!

    1. Sister, you have already seen God move in your life so many times! I know there are many more awesome adventures awaiting you!!!! Love you xoxo

      1. I love how you called it an adventure because that’s what it is! You step out and believe Jesus and you see Him come through in a powerful way it only spurs you on. We have moved 3 times in the last three years and every time we have seen God come through for us in a miraculous way. It leaves us saying only God could have done this for us! I truly believe there’s nothing more fulfilling than walking side-by-side with your Creator and following His voice. You can’t help but look up to heaven in anticipation saying what’s the next step God! Thank you for another encouraging and inspiring post. I love it and I love you sister!!!

  4. Love this Rachel! Thanks for sharing your heart and journey with us. It goes right in line with one of my favorite messages by Pastor Prince called The Key to a Truly Fulfilling Life. It’s ALL about Jesus! Keeping our eyes on Him!

    1. Yes Katelyn, your exactly right, it’s all about Him and keeping our eyes on Him!!! That’s truly the key. Im sure Pastor Prince message is amazing I’ll have to try to find that! Love you so much xoxo

  5. Hi Rachel!
    You are such a blessing to me at this time in my life. We are getting ready to take our first step out of the boat into the adventure God has waiting for us. I live in Phoenix AZ and have lived here my whole life (35 years) and I LIKE my home….I like the weather, I like the familiarity, I like the mountains, I like living close to my family, I like my familiar stores and restaurants, etc etc…
    So without going into writing a book on this reply, (haha) about 3 years ago, God, through something Kenneth Copeland said, presented the idea to us of moving to Texas to be a part of E M I C. Moving away from home again (part of our story I won’t go into) had never entered my mind and to Texas?!?!?! That definitely never entered my mind.
    So…it’s been 3 years of thinking about this, talking about this, praying about this and so on, trying to figure out if we were really hearing God on this..(I’m skipping a lot of detail here too) But a few weeks ago I had a significant dream about us going to EMIC. After telling my husband about the dream, he was so relieved and bore witness with it.

    So, here we go….we are going to step out of the boat!

    So anyways, your bog posts and instagram videos are soooooo timely and I want to THANK YOU sooooooo much for sharing your life with us on social media. I have been showing them to my husband and he said ” you have to respond to her!” and he is right and I’m so glad I can tell you what a treasure you are to me! (I apologize if thats weird since you have no idea who I am)

    Keep your posts coming….they are such a blessing.

    Much love,
    Charlotte Shetler

    1. Charlotte, I am so happy you wrote me! I’m glad your husband encouraged you to do so. Wow, it sounds like the Lord has really spoken to guys and you are ready to go for it! You know moving can seem so big but really if you look at it through the eyes of faith it’s so exciting! I would rather do what I Beileve the Lord has spoken to me and miss it them play it safe! Then I will never look back with questions and regret. I’ll never say what if!?? That’s no way to live. I encourage you to go hard after what the Lord has put in your hearts. Live the faith adventure! Plus KCM is my home church so you will be in a great place! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I’ll be praying for you!!
      Love, Rachel G xoxo

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