True Freedom

What does it truly mean to be free? Isn’t it freedom that we all desire?

I know I do!

The truth is, in order to run the race God has for you it takes being free. To live the custom made adventure God has just for you it will take freedom! We all deal with different things that try to bind us and hold us back!

I grew up as a very insecure child. I searched out every avenue to find my place, to feel loved and accepted, to feel like a somebody. That led to a life of almost every kind of sin you can imagine! But God! God is so much greater than our insecurities, fears, sins and failures.

He set me free and desires the same for you. You do not have to be held captive by thoughts of self doubt, fear, destruction or self hate. We are free, free in Christ! He broke the power of these things and has given us a purpose!

It is time to run free, it is time to live the life God has called you to live!

My sisters God took my life of filth and shame, washed me and put a robe of righteousness on me. He made me a missionary to Africa ministering the love of Jesus to others. I have personally experienced this lasting freedom.

Your life is of great value and purpose, it is time to break the chains of what holds you!

When you go to the word you need to see yourself in the scriptures. You need to let God’s truth wash over you and set you free. Let what God says about you be the only truth you receive and believe, mediate and think on it until it becomes a reality in your heart.

That is what changed me from the inside out and will do the same for you!

My sisters it is time for you to run into your destiny with freedom as your anthem! You are chosen, you are loved and you are accepted in the Beloved.

I love hearing from you! Please feel free to leave me a comment below

Rachel G xoxo

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5 thoughts on “True Freedom

  1. Love seeing the joy in you and your husband as you serve. Thank you for sharing this today. I’m praying for my daughter who knows Jesus, but seems to be looking everywhere except to Him for her joy and hope and faith. She denies the destruction and vacuum it leaves, and I would treasure your prayers for her path to be restored and for her to embrace the righteousness and blessing He has for her . Hugs!

    1. Hi Kelly, thank you so much for sharing this today! I once myself was stuck in the same place as your daughter. I join my faith and prayers with you for her. I know the mighty goodness and faithfulness of God in my own life and beileve she will experiences the same! Xoxo

  2. This is so powerful! Your testimony is so powerful!! I too have experienced the freedom that only Christ brings! Thank you sis for sharing this powerful message today!!

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