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Unlocking Your True Self

My friends we are called to extraordinary things, we are called to a life where limits are made to be broken.  Our minds are designed to expand, create, build, invent and to problem solve. Our hearts are made for the capacity of boundless love, uncommon selflessness and over flowing compassion.

Are you fully understanding, fully grasping and fully knowing who and what you truly are?

I have been realizing in greater dimensions the insane ability, creativity and the crazy awesome potential of who I was made to be and the same goes for YOU!

I don’t want you or me to waste anything that God has placed inside of us! I personally will keep stretching and pushing myself to go farther and do more in this life and I want you to do the same.

 I have been meditating on HOW we were created. It is so fascinating; really and truly astonishing when you read in Genesis 1, 2. I urge you to read it and think about it!

 The bible tells us, God literally made us in His very own image! I mean hello, I know many of us have heard this in Sunday school, but when you think about it, it’s MIND BLOWING! Talk about wiping out every excuse you use to disqualify yourself for something!

Then, after Adam was formed God breathes His very own breath into mankind and Adam becomes a living speaking spirit! This didn’t happen for any other creation on planet earth, only to mankind!

I am awe struck…Mankind was created in the very likeness of God. This is why you can see people who are not born again do super creative things and succeed in a vast array of areas. Because we were all created in God’s likeness in Genesis.

However, Jesus gave us something even more mind blowing on top of the fact that we were created in God’s image.  He sent the Holy Spirit to live inside of us! When we get born again, the same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead can now live in us. So now, you as a believer have a double whammy of amazing awesomeness!

We are not just mere women and men. Not just, moms and businessman, teachers or sales people. You are the daughter or son of the creator of the universes. The Spirit of God dwells in us.

I think of the fact that after Adams creation in Eden; God had Adam name every living thing one by one. WHAT, I can maybe make it to the names of 100 animals before I hit mental constipation and can’t think of anymore names! Adam named EVERY living thing!

Our ability and potential is so untapped but let’s not leave it there! Even our abilities to love, forgive, and be merciful can be way way way more developed! We can literally develop and grow every part of our lives.

HOW, how can You develop? By believing! Believing who you truly are!

If I walk up to Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge and say “hey, you can go to the palace anytime you want or take the Rolls Royce Phantom VI out for a spin”, he would look at me crazy and possibly say, “yea I know I can”.

Why would he say that with such confidence? Because He knows who he is, he doesn’t question the fact that he is a prince.


The answer needs to be something like… born again, spirit filled child of the most high God creator of the heavens and the earth, unstoppable, unafraid, called, anointed and appointed to do His will and do exploits for Him! That’s WHO I AM!


It is that confidences that radically transforms your thinking and begins to shake loose untapped abilities and potential inside you!

This type of living brings extreme glory to God. It glorifies His mighty work and ability in us. We get to represent what it looks like to serve the living God and risen Savior! How powerful is that?!?

I want more and I’ll have it because it’s who I am and you can have it too because it is who you are!

1.       Know Him (Christ Jesus)

2.       Know who you are in Him

3.       Rock the world for Him

You with me?

Love Rachel G


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2 thoughts on “Unlocking Your True Self

  1. I’m with you sister!! Thank you for sharing this super powerful message. It’s not God who is limited, it is our believing! I will be meditating on this for awhile! Love you!!

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