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What will you do with the one life you’ve been given?

What will you do with the one life you’ve been given? Will you run with it or play with it?

You may have seen my amazing friend came from the states for 9 days to visit. Seriously it was a fantastic time! My heart was so full from all the girl chatter, giggles and encouragement. We had so much fun doing tourist things around Kenya. It was a blessed vacation time and so good for my soul.

Vacations can be fun and refreshing; they can also be dangerous. Well, not dangerous to you personally. Dangerous to your call and the plans God has for your life. You know me, I’m always talking about the call and purpose in life.

A vacation mode mentality can be dangerous because it shifts us into a lackadaisical mind set. It’s so nice to relax, travel around, eat great food and do nothing. And once in awhile it’s good to just chill.

But we must be mindful of the vacation mindset. Even for me I was having so much fun and now I need to refocus and get serious about what’s in my heart.

Why am I so serious and why should you be as well?

Because we only have one life!!! Yes one life, will you run with it? Run with purpose in all God has for you? Will you make a lasting mark in this world and in eternity?

Or will you play? Play in vacation mode? Playing is fun; for a time. Yet what we were created for burns inside of us. God created us for a purpose and with plans to impact this world. Everything within us longs to have a relevant purpose in this life.

Too many people are unhappy and it’s from not feeling like they have a purpose.

So don’t live to play, don’t live to one day just relax and do nothing, waiting for your next vacation. Live to run! Run into the destiny God has created for you! Live to know Jesus and His plans for you. Live to feel the power of God flowing through every fiber of your being as a world changer.

I don’t want to live in vacation mode. As fun as it is to vacation, I want to live in purpose mode! So live with me, run with me and let’s impact this world and eternity running with purpose and passion!

Sit with me at the feet of Jesus receiving His life flow. Receiving His words, wisdom, strength and plans for you. In that you and I are ready to meet each day and make it glorious!

Okay so I want to know… If you were going to take any vacation in the world where would you go and why? Tell me in the comment section. I would have to say, America believe it or not!!! My mom would be happy with that answer! Lol I’m ready to see family and friends and do some fun amusement park stuff with the kids. Things we don’t have here in Africa.

Love from Africa, Rachel Griffith xo


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6 thoughts on “What will you do with the one life you’ve been given?

  1. This is so good and so true Rachel! When we live in vacatiom mode, always just trying to find time to play, we miss out on experiencing God in the non-vacation times and we will always have this unsatisfied feeling in our heart, because we’re not content with where we’re at. But when we live with purpose and set our gaze on Jesus and choose to enjoy the run, every day becomes a true vacation in him and his grace! Love you guys!! :)

    1. Yes Rebekah, you are exactly right girl! It’s the everyday with Jesus that is truly amazing!!!
      Love you, Rachel Griffith xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh! I saw your testimony on Believers Voice of Victory and God grabbed a hold of me and hasn’t let go. I looked you up and found this site and have been reading your blog’s and I get more stired up with each one. I don’t know yet what His plan is for our family but it’s so big inside me I can’t stand it!!! Thank you so much! I’m so excited to find out what it is and can’t wait.

    1. Hi Celeste! Wow, I am so blessed that our testimony has impacted you so much! Glory to God! I encourage you to keep pressing into all God has for you and your family and keep meditating on Gods faithfulness to you! I am excited for you and know whatever is ahead will be awesome! Love you and keep in touch. Thank you for reaching out! Rachel xo

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