Winning The Battle Between Time & Fear

I have hit a new place in my life. I just turned 32 on March 8th. I have no issues with getting older yet one thing keeps circling my brain. Time. Time is the greatest gift we have.  And the greatest enemy of time is fear.

Fear steals our time. 

Turning 32 has made me value the precious time I have to an ever greater extent!  I’ve learned a great deal in the past 5 years about life and myself. Things I’d love to have understood earlier. Looking back and now looking forward I see how much is still to be learned and done. I see how amazing time is and how deadly fear is to it!

So in light of that I have made a commitment to myself to NOT let fear steal my time and steal my life.  

Fear is a dream destroyer, a destiny crusher and a thief of our precious time.

But it doesn’t have to be!

I am really identifying fear in my own life more than ever. I was working on a project lately and it was something new for me. So the fear of the unknown was really trying to eat at me. I did a lot of research and felt well educated. Yet this annoying little voice in my head kept saying you don’t really know what you’re doing.

Oh shut up already fear! Fear in my own mind was nagging me not to go through with this project, although in this case I had NOTHING to lose and something to gain. I still almost didn’t do it.

This will be my first blog I send out unedited by anyone but myself!!! Yes, only me beautiful people, me who barley graduated high school and averaged a C in English class. But I live in Kenya, Africa and I don’t have an editor and I don’t want to pay someone and I’m tired of waiting to send out a blog post because it hasn’t been proofed. It is the #1 reason I don’t send more post out.

Fear would tell me not to… I could look stupid or unprofessional or not make sense at all. But if I don’t do anything, what good is that! I’d rather do something in faith than nothing at all and let the chips fall where they may! I am me; I am becoming a better version of me every day. But I have to keep moving and so do you!

How many areas in your own life does fear try to stop you? How many people do you know who always play the safe card. Always stick to the mapped out plan?

Look plans are great, I love plans, I am all about plans, I make goals and action plans for the goals all the time.  But what I am saying is if your plan is always the safe route because fear pushes you into that plan, blow that sucker up! Blow it sky high and watch it burn baby burn!

I have made a decision and a pledge to God that I will not waste the time He has given me.  I will not allow fear to steal my future.

The born again believer has the ability in Christ to dominate fear. We can make fear our slave! How? Simple really, because Jesus did.

On the cross Jesus defeated the devil and fear itself.  Christ Spirit is alive inside of me and you. We are not slaves to fear but its master. Fear would love to keep you from all that God has called you to do. Instead you must rise up in who you are in Christ and dominate fear.

Use every scripture you know as ammunition-  I am more than a conquer- Romans 8:37 I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me- Phil 4:13 I have not been given a spirit of fear but power love and a sound mind – 2Tim 1:7

This is your reality! Fear is not the truth, Fear is a trap and it will do everything to hold you down. Do not identify with fear; do not allow it any room in your life. Take the word, take your authority in Christ and conquer fear!

I am on a mission to take the time I have left and squeeze every bit of life out of it. I’ll be danged if I let fear stop me!

Who’s with me????

Rachel Griffith xoxo

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5 thoughts on “Winning The Battle Between Time & Fear

  1. Rachel, this is such a timely post for me! Thank you so much for sharing. I also turned 32 this year, but I’m in a different place than you (not married, no kids). My greatest fear is that I’m running out of time, that I don’t have enough time. It is so difficult to see the value of time and not feel like I’m missing out or like time is passing me by, and wait on the Lord! But I will make a point to conquer fear and battle it everyday. Keep writing!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Yes keep battling fear because victory is yours and keep your trust in the Lord. God is not surprised by where you are at in life. In fact He has an exact calling and an exact plan for you right now. Embrace where you are right now and that God has got you. When you give Jesus your life everyday this is how you make time work for you. Don’t worry about what hasn’t happened focus on the greatness you are called to in the right now. Much love, Rachel xoxo

  2. Dear Sister, It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you. I have taken a break from social media. It’s been nice! However, I am still on email and loved receiving your latest post. Well done, sister! Well done indeed! I agree wholeheartedly with you. It is a confirmation to what I am learning in my Gideon study (by Priscilla Shirer).
    I wish you a happy birthday!
    Keep your eyes and heart on the Lord and His Word (Ps. 107:19-22).
    I recently read afresh Joshua 1:5-9. Notice the word “then” in verse 8. And have you ever placed your name in a verse or verses where there is a pronoun? It is very powerful to read Scripture in such a personal manner.
    I’m praying for your kids and for their relationship with their dad. It is critical, especially now that your son is entering his pre-teen years.
    Love you and appreciate your honesty!

    1. Cary, thank you so much for you comment and prayers they are most welcomed! And yes I love to read scripture and place my name it, so so powerful! Thank you for the encouragement and love! Rachel G xoxo

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